Shockwave Therapy

A First for Podiatry in Bendigo: Shockwave Therapy

What is it?
High pressure, pulsed sound waves are created and radiated through the handpiece into the tissue.

This causes local inhibition of pain receptors and stimulation of soft tissue healing through creation of new micro-blood vessels. Muscle relaxation can also be performed, usually to the calf muscles where there are often tight bands of muscle or trigger points that need releasing.

Does it hurt?
It may be painful when treating areas of local soreness, but due to the effect on superficial nerves the treatment often gets less painful as it progresses. The podiatrist will aim to provide the highest tolerated level of treatment to the affected areas, as it has been shown that this leads to better healing outcomes.

Following a shock wave treatment, you will be able to walk out of the clinic and most patients will not suffer any disturbance to work or normal daily activities. For more information ask about our technical practitioners’ brochure.

What is a typical shock wave therapy treatment?
It is recommended to receive 3-5 treatments about 1 week apart.3 Improvement may be seen from as early as the second treatment to 12 weeks after ceasing therapy.