Kids Feet

Podiatry is not just about looking after adult feet, we also place a great emphasis in children and the development of their feet.

As the foot develops and undergoes more wear and tear over the years, there are a number of changes that can occur- some normal, others not. If you have any concerns, seek one of our podiatrists opinions immediately- it may not disappear automatically.

It is very important to monitor your child’s pattern of walking (gait) for any abnormalities, such as in or out-toeing, knock knees, toewalking or excessive flat feet as it is possible during these early stages of development to improve atypical posture, which can often limit future biomechanical issues if properly treated.

After performing a gait analysis, your podiatrist may decide that a range of treatments are required, including orthotic prescription, muscular stretching and strengthening exercises, appropriate footwear selection and padding/strapping to the foot.

We at Podiatry on Williamson in Bendigo understand the importance of the growing foot, and encouraging children to be physically active playing sport. When problems arise with your child’s feet, it is essential to ensure that long term damage is not being done, and that the problem is speedily resolved.