Morton’s Neuroma

What is it?

A neuroma is basically a lump in the nerve that runs between two of the long bones to the toes. Commonly Morton’s neuroma arises between the third and fourth toes but can affect other spaces also. It produces a radiating pain up into the web spaces and toes. It is the most common nerve condition affecting the foot.

What causes it?

The exact cause of neuromas are not well known but compression/pinching of the nerve between the bones can lead to consequent thickening of the nerve.

Some possible risk factors include:
-Pointy, tight or high-heel shoes
-Excess pressure on the forefoot during sport or activity
-Flat/high arched feet, bunions or hammertoes.

What are the symptoms?

  1. Tingling presents in the toes/web spaces after wearing tight shoes or even socks, or when standing for long periods.
  2. Pain increases on the ball of the foot and radiates up into the toes/web spaces after wearing tight shoes or prolonged periods of standing.
  3. Pain is evident on the ball of the foot, web spaces and toes all the time. Nausea may be felt and you may begin to walk differently to avoid pressure on the affected area.

What can you do about it?

Your podiatrist can provide you with a range of treatment options that may involve some or all of the following depending on the length amd severity of your problem:
-Footwear modification
-Shockwave therapy
-Injection therapy

Surgery for Morton’s neuroma is usually only recommended as a last resort. A detailed referral will be made by your podiatrist to a suitable practitioner either here in Bendigo or Melbourne.