Functional foot orthotics are just one of the tools podiatrists can use to get your feet functioning how they should. They are designed to improve your foot position, general body alignment and walking/running bio-mechanics. Orthotics are prescribed by an experienced podiatrist for a number of reasons:

  • to reduce pain
  • for excessively flat/high arched feet
  • for the correction of other bio-mechanical abnormalities
  • to support feet and offload pressure areas
  • to improve performance/function

If you are experiencing problems with your feet, you may benefit from foot orthotics, designed specifically for your needs.

At Podiatry on Williamson we use the latest in 3D scanning technology to obtain a digital image of your foot, which is then used to create customised orthotics based on your specific requirements.

scanning slim.jpg

For those who wear orthotics already, your foot posture and biomechanics can change as you age, so its important to get your orthotics checked every 12 months to ensure optimal fit, performance and support. The material does wear out over time, meaning that you no longer receive the same support as when they were brand new.

We are also able to refurbish and recover your existing orthotics in house, so that you don’t have to go without your orthotics. We require you to make an appointment to ensure that same day service can be provided, otherwise you are welcome to drop them off anytime but this can take up to two weeks depending on our podiatrists’ availability.

While properly prescribed orthotics are very successful in improving function and reducing pain, for many long-standing conditions, orthotics are only one aspect of a multifaceted treatment plan. We recommend following all exercises and treatment plans provided with any orthotic therapy for the best outcome long term.