Routine toenail treatment

All our podiatrists are highly experienced in the treatment of  skin/toenail treatment that will have them walking on air! Our podiatrists are highly trained in caring for feet using specialised, surgically sterile instruments so you can trust your loved ones’ feet in our hands.
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Corns and Calluses
Corns and calluses are a build up of hard, thickened skin on areas which are receiving pressure. They are amongst the most common problems of the skin of the feet. Corns are basically compacted areas of callus which form into a central nucleus or core. The skin naturally develops callus to protect areas of trauma or pressure. Corns and callus can become painful as they get larger and put pressure on the normal underlying skin and its nerve endings.

On the feet, corns and callus are often found on the tops or ends of toes and the ball of the foot as these are high pressure areas during normal walking. If the foot is an unusual shape, callus can form on skin overlying a bony prominence. Tight footwear (especially court style or slip on shoes) can cause callus to develop. At times callus will build up over scar tissue as it is not as elastic as normal skin. Some people also have genetic conditions that cause excessive callus build up.

General Treatment

  • Podiatrists will remove callus by debriding it away with a sterile scalpel. This is generally pain free as the callus is dead tissue.
  • Padding or offloading insoles may be constructed to reduce pressure on the skin.
  • Orthotics can be even more effective than flat insoles at reducing pressure.
  • Footwear change/modification may be necessary.
  • Maintaining healthy skin through using heel balms regularly is an important treatment.
  • Foot files/pumice stones can be good at reducing callus build up
  • Dont use medicated ‘corn pads’ as they contain chemicals which can damage healthy skin near corns and can even cause pain and infection.